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Welcome to origami Imaging Solutions

Powerful Document Management Software at the Best Price

Origami Imaging Solutions supply the quickest and most affordable document scanning solutions for all kinds of business. Our digital document management service is the best way to scan and index documents for lightning-fast, accurate retrieval at the touch of a button. Clients and employees can view documents round the clock in the Cloud. Fully automated indexing eliminates manual data entry and typing errors using bar codes, OCR, database lookup, and works with any database. Compatible with any accounting or management system capable of generating reports in spreadsheets or text documents (CSV). Scan documents directly into Cloud for complete paperless office solution.

Why your business needs Cloud Document Management?

Having Cloud based document storage means not depending on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) hardware or in-house server. With Cloud based document management system, you can access and store documents over the internet instead of your computer's local storage. Electronic document storage means storing data on a remote physical location, which is accessible to the user in any part of the world, on any device, at any desired time via the internet.

Here are some benefits of the ORIGAMI Cloud1 Document Management service:

• Reduces document management costs
• Speed-up workflow
• Provides security to your documents
• Instant updates for all users
• Reduces storage space
• Saves from accidental deletions
• Digital document can be easily shared
• Access and synchronize on multiple devices
• Simple collaboration
• Better searching capabilities
• Improve task management
• Direct integration with SharePoint and Cloud Drives

Regardless of how small, medium or large your business is, Cloud1 is the perfect cloud document management solution for you. You can share files across the network without the need for "seat licensing". There are no recurring annual fees and optional annual maintenance packages are also available.

Activity log and Audit Trail are available as are a host of advanced features for advanced users seeking SABS SANS/ISO 15801 compliance.

Select from the business models above to see how we can help you or Contact Us for a CompTIA Certified Imaging Professional to get in touch with you.

Origami Imaging Solutions employs CompTIA Certified Professional experts, an industry-standard certification devised and monitored by the industry itself. Visit the About Us page to find out more.

Changing to Origami has positively impacted our company and we can highly recommend Origami Imaging solutions. It is a cost effective program that really saves time and money.


We have found the Origami Imaging Solution to integrate well with our database, highly adaptable to our business needs and very cost effective. With excellent aftersales service and constantly improving error handling features, this product comes highly recommended.