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Powerful Imaging Software at a Budget Price.


For the medium-size enterprise we offer custom solutions configured to your specific needs which take into account SABS SANS/ISO 15801 recommendations and many other issues like multiple companies, multiple document types and file structures, including Word, Excel, DWG, PDF, e-mails etc. If fact any file on any computer on your network. The index data can be integrated into any databse you may be using. There is also a required documents feature to ensure that no documents for a particular batch have been missed, distributed scanning ( scanning from branch offices, remote stores, etc ) and automated back scanning. You can even use PASTEL reports to generate indexes. In fact any accounting or management system capable of generating Excel spreadsheets. Documents can be made available via the Internet.


The system is able to process documents automatically, with minimal intervention from the user by employing features such as barcode indexing and OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) scanning.


Files are shareable across the network without the need for "seat licencing". Search results can also be e-mailed, printed or burned to a CD/DVD for distribution. A run-time Search engine is automatically installed on each disk so that the files can be viewed on any PC. Searchable CD/DVD can also be used for archiving.

Annual Support and maintenance is available.


We offer a range of the best document scanners on the market.


You will find more detail and other standard features in the Large Enterprise section.

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We changed to Origami in January 2012 and find it very user friendly. We have had no need to appoint a person
for the scanning, as every controller scans their own documents using a very simple process that captures most of the data automatically.